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Unilever UFLP Graduate Customer Development/Trade Marketing in United States

UFLP Graduate Customer Development/Trade Marketing


Customer Development/Trade Marketing

How would you position a new product in a competitive market? How would you persuade retailers to take it on, to put up new displays, to take the risk of buying lots of stock for something new and unfamiliar? What will you do?

  • You’ll work with a certain ‘type’ of customer, building relationships, developing promotions, negotiating and gathering an understanding of consumers.

  • You’ll cover a category of products, becoming an expert on their marketplace, consumers and competitors and advising customers on suitable stocks for their demographics.

  • You’ll sell a range of food products, using your product expertise and relationship skills to keep preferred supplier relationships intact.

  • Any work in this area demands a lot of motivation and an ability to tackle tough situations. You will need strong self-motivation, have a passion to win and the ability to build strong relationships.

Contact: If you have a general inquiry about your application, contact the local Recruitment Team at madebyyou.philippines@unilever.com

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